Our campervans have roamed from the top of Scotland right the way across to Eastern Turkey. Read about our customers adventures including trekking the highest peaks, learning to kitesurf on a Greek island, taking a hot air balloon over the desert and skiing off a mountain with a parachute. We look forward to adding your adventures to our wall soon!

Our First Campervan Ski Trip

Our first ski trip in a campervan reads a lot like a what NOT to do guide. I’d say it was a baptism of fire but the winter of 2017/18 was so cold, the holy water would have frozen over!

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A space for any tips, tricks and updates from the Roamer team. We’ll be bringing you informative articles on how to convert your own campervan, van tours, essential travel tips and new promotions. If there is anything you ever wanted to know about vanlife please get in touch, we’ll write something up and post it here.

A winterised campervan in the Alps

Ready For Winter

Roamer design and build campervans for off grid adventures in extreme winter conditions. So when we say we’re ready for winter, we mean it! A short video and detailed explanations outline the steps we take to winterise our campervans.

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Chewie Roamer

What is a winterised campervan?

A properly winterised campervan will be fully kitted out with everything you need to stay safe, warm and comfortable at altitude, in the depths of winter. But what does winterised mean in practise?

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